Welcome to SpaceUp Ireland! Ireland's First Space Unconference that took place at the Cork Institute of Technology on Saturday, 8th of October 2016. SpaceUp Ireland brought together space enthusiasts from all walks of life for day of discussion, sharing and networking about all things space. Everyone who attended was encouraged to give a talk or host a discussion on any space related topic. 


2016 Talks: 

Where are the Aliens? (Fermi Paradox)

What's you Favourite Engine?

Deep Space Services

Space hacking - Orbital Prediction

Bright Ascension & Gen 1

Space Weather - Who Cares?

Tim Peake Video

What do we need for Extra - Earth Colonisation?

Space Mission Patches

Educating Ireland's First Astronaut

Mars One Q & A

The Orbital Perspective

Propulsion Systems - Lets go further!

The Story of Launching a CanSAT

What is it like to go to a NASA Rocket Launch?

What should we take to Mars?

Space Tourism - A Time Line

Story Telling in Space Science

Future of SpaceUp


Curious about SpaceUp? Then this video will give you a great incite: